Our company, 'AMAR SALES SYNDICATE' is into sales and distribution of automobile parts. We are having a strong hold on three main agencies in this distribution network. The company has a very well developed distribution network all over Gujarat. We are handling of Bus A/C Service, electrical products and C.R.S Systems for Toyota Vehicles. In addition oprates as a general auto electrical repair.

It has been operating as a DENSO authorized sales and services dealer for auto electrical parts since 1990, C.R.S. systems since 2006, and Bus A/C Service since 2007. In particular, bus A/C repairs are offered as an outcall service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also offers after sales and service support to OEMs (TOYOTA, SUZUKI etc.), the DENSO Service Network, and the general consumer market.


We have shown steady growth over the years and at present accounts approximately 10% of all auto electrical parts sales for India. The shop is equipped with all the necessary standard Tools and Testers (STT), such as a starter/alternator test bench, and an A/C refrigerant recovery device. Facilities are also in place to comply with service vehicle and bus A/C repairs. We have very well trained staffs include six DENSO-trained electricians. Through putting "Quality, Cost, Delivery (QCD) into practice. We are garnering the satisfaction and trust of customers in the Gujarat region.